Services Provided

We provide a full line of services that will help your project run smooth from start to finish.

We can start with your idea and get it put into a Foundation Design, put together the Structural Design, and finish the idea off with a Septic Design if required.

Next is your location, we can provide a detailed report of the Soils Report, Percolation Rates, and Compaction Test. All critical to the life of your project.

The Details

Geotechnical engineering services include soils investigations, agricultural pond liner design, percolation tests, monitoring wells, pavement designs, and gravel pit evaluation. Soils investigations are provided for all types of structures; including houses, garages, hotels, clinics, hospitals, churches, assisted living, grain storage, landfills, overhead silos, and agricultural ponds. Percolations tests and septic designs are generated for both residential and commercial properties.

Structural engineering services include structure design, evaluation, and construction observation. Foundation designs for all types of structures are performed; using the design recommendation generated from the soils investigations. Designs for wood and steel structures are provided. Existing structure evaluation for home owners and mortgage companies are performed to review and provide recommendations. These observations include structural and FHA evaluations. Constructions site observations are performed for evacuation, footing and pad, foundation wall, foundation ground, foundation drain, and water proofing.

Construction materials testing include field compaction tests, concrete testing, and laboratory testing. Field compaction tests include proctor testing and soils classification for sub-grade and fill verification. Concrete testing includes slump, air entrainment and strength cylinders to verify the concrete delivered to the construction site. Laboratory testing includes permeability testing for liner materials and soils classification for fill requirements

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